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First Three Chapters
Chapter 1
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Synopsis: Searching
    Mainstream Romance
    105,000 words
    By Raleigh

     Fiddler Colleen McCallum is the creative driving force behind one of Country Music’s biggest acts and one of People magazine's fifty most beautiful people. Seven years ago Colleen left her dreams of a being a classical music concert artist behind to join her brother and sister in their struggling country band. Her sense of duty to her family compelled her to abandon her studies at Juilliard, after her parents died. Now at twenty-four, her life is an endless round of performing, recording, and promoting. After an intense clash of wills, she gets her brother Dwight to agree to a four-month hiatus for the band. Colleen and her friend Jennifer Anderson plan a trip to immerse themselves in European history, culture, and classical music.

      Pianist Karl Lundgren is still suffering from the tragic death of his fiancé Annelise Rasmussen. To help him get over his loss, his violinist sister Kristin set the goal of playing “The Big Five”, the five most difficult sonatas for violin and piano in the classical repertoire. The playing of “The Big Five” at a performance in their hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark electrified the staid classical music scene. Catching the attention of Genus Recording, the Lundgrens are brought to New York to discuss a potential American tour.


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